Cooktown is unique for its wide variety of fishing environments. You can fish the outer reef for the legendary black marlin; the inner reef for coral trout, red emperor, mackerel and tuna. On the beaches, headlands and coastal flats you will find trevally and queenies; and in the estuaries chase barramundi, mangrove jacks and crabs.

Annan River

The Annan River is 15 minutes north of Rossville Retreat with a good boat ramp whilst out to the mouth at Walker Bay some big saltwater barra can be caught. Mangrove jacks and fingermark are a common catch plus your usual queenfish and trevallies with good mud crabbing also. Upstream of the bridge there some big deep holes to fish.

Archer Point

11 kms north of Rossville Retreat is the Archer Point turn off, take the dirt road for a further 6 kms and you will reach the beach where beach launches are possible with a 4WD drive. For amazing views of the area go up to the lighthouse where there are frequent sightings of breaching humpback whales during the winter months. Cooktown is close for amenities so this is an ideal spot for fishing. Visually, it is fantastic, fringing reef, sand flats, small tributaries and the wet tropics.

For further information contact the traditional owners Yuku Baja Muliku.

Tropical Islands

Tropical Islands scatter the coastline and many are accessible by small boats when the weather allows. Some like Lizard Island are big enough to house luxury resorts, airstrips and camp grounds whilst others are relatively small. Camping is allowed on quite a few but booking in advance is necessary with QPWS.

Reef Fishing

Unlike many spots along the eastern seaboard of the Great Barrier Reef Cooktown is the closest town to this iconic world heritage site.

Inshore reefs lie just a couple of miles out however, travelling 10 -15 miles further will certainly open up a lot more possibilities.

Game Fishing

Cooktown with its close proximity to the reef and the continental shelf offers the angler a world class destination.  The variety of species on offer is outstanding especially when you consider how little you have to travel to catch them.

From September to December the marlin fleet from across the globe, converge on far north Queensland and many choose Cooktown as their base, chasing the elusive 1000lb black marlin and to fish the Annual Lizard Island Classic.